Corpus Christi Candlelight Procession

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Saturday, June 22, 2019 - 8:00pm
Gather at the front entrance of the Church



Celebrate Corpus Christi!

All are encouraged to be a public witness to Jesus, who is fully present in the Eucharist, at our Corpus Christi candlelight procession.

Bring a candle and gather outside the main entrance of the Church (Maple Street) at 8:00 pm.  A.s Mass in Spanish concludes, we will follow the Blessed Sacrament with hymns and adoration around our parish property.

We will return to the church for Benediction and Adoration until 10:00 pm.  The Blessed Sacrament will then be returned to the Chapel for Adoration throughout the night and morning.

See the sign up sheet outside the Chapel to commit to a holy hour!




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