Adorers Needed to Pray in the Chapel

January 29, 2018 - 1:31pm
Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus, present in the Eucharist, is exposed on the altar in our chapel 24/7. 

There must always be someone in attendance in the chapel.  Are you being called to spend time in His presence for one hour per week?


The following hours do not have anyone signed up.  Will you?


Tuesdays:  12am - 1am

Tuesdays:  6am - 7am

Tuesdays:  12pm - 1pm

Tuesdays:  8pm - 9 pm

Thursdays: 12pm - 1pm

Saturdays:  2am - 3am

Saturdays:  8pm - 9 pm


Email to sign up: or leave a note in the envelope in the chapel.


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