Beautification Project

Enhancing Our Worship and Education Spaces!

As we embark on celebrating 150 Years of Mission here in Livermore, we are contemplating a potential improvement and beautification projects to enhance our worship and education spaces.  We are processing your feedback from the Feasibility Study and will share the results soon.

The Courtyard


An unexpected benefit of the pandemic is that we rediscovered the usefulness of our Courtyard. We are using it for outdoor Mass, adoration, weddings, praise & worship, rosary, and faith groups. However, a redesign is necessary to maximize the potential. The design proposal features a large, open cobblestone area to seat 200 to increase outdoor event capacity. A permanent outdoor altar for Mass, shrines for quiet prayer, and a grapevine border with Stations of the Cross will create an oasis of worship and prayer. The goal is to create a multi-use outdoor space for sacraments, celebrations, fellowship, and private devotion to encounter our Lord.  


Courtyard Maple St View

Courtyard Shrines


Courtyard Top Down

The Church


With great respect for the past 150 years at St Michael’s and the traditions of the Universal Church, we envision an enhanced worship experience through beautiful liturgical design. Leaning on the church’s original “design language,” the proposal includes new sanctuary finishes: a new color scheme to focus our attention on the altar, including a starfield ceiling depicting the Livermore night sky on Christmas. A new high altar with a matching ambo will recall the history of our Church. A moveable ordinary Mass altar will allow for liturgical flexibility. The communion rail will be extended, expanding upon the current design, capping the entire length with marble. New shrines for Our Blessed Mother and St Joseph will be installed on either side of the outer sanctuary. The finishes of the Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe alcoves will be upgraded. New pews will be installed with custom-designed ends and new kneelers with better sound and feel. Refinishing the floors and refreshing the paint throughout would be the final touches.  

Sanctuary Main View


High Altar With Starfield


Blessed Mother


Our Lady Of Guadalupe