2018 Parish Survey Results

We are pleased to report there were more than 400 respondents to the parish survey.

The survey was open from Oct 26th thru Nov 12th and consisted of 14 questions. Most people were able to complete the survey in less than 10 minutes. As can be seen by viewing the charts above, the results were very favorable. Particularly noteworthy, ~80% of respondents said they would recommend St. Michael’s parish to a friend or relative. We also received over 1,500 comments.

With help from the Pastoral & Finance councils and during an off-site meeting, the group went through a formal process to read and classify the 1,500 comments by theme. This was accomplished by breaking into small teams. Each team was assigned one of the survey questions and the corresponding comments. By the end of the process, three themes stood out.


Our priorities moving forward:


1. Church experience – with an emphasis on more reverence in the church before, during, and after mass.

2. Evangelization – moving from “maintenance” to a growing parish. The Alpha program ( will play an important role within our parish to strengthen this area.

3. Improving welcoming - with an increased emphasis on being more welcoming to our young families.


Thank you to all who responded to the survey.  Your feedback and concerns are important in helping develop our parish priorities. 


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