David N. Hansen

Funeral Mass: Friday, April 19 at 11:00 am at St Michael Church


Tuan V. Nguyen

Visitation: Thursday, April 25 from 2:00 - 6:00 pm at St Michael Church

Funeral Mass: Friday, April 26 at 11:00 am at St Michael Church


Leonora Gonsalves

Visitation: Wednesday, May 1 at 10:00 am at St Michael Church

Funeral Mass: Wednesday, May 1 at 11:00 am at St Michael Church


Paul Hamilton

Memorial Mass: Thursday, May 23 at 11:00 am at St Michael Church




 Guide to Catholic Funeral Rites 



Arranging a Funeral


The first step in arranging a rosary, vigil, funeral, or memorial service at St Michael is to call the mortuary.

 Contact Frank at Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services at 925-455-9696


Memorial Service

For a memorial service with no body present, or if you have the cremated remains, please call the church office at 925-447-1585 x 10 to make arrangements. 

The memorial service fee is $900, which includes the church, cantor, and accompanist.

For financial assistance, please call the parish office 925-447-1585


Funeral Ministry

Our team will help …

Assist the family with planning the funeral liturgy

Design a funeral program

Arrive 60-90 minutes early to prepare the church environment

Guide those who will participate in the funeral Mass

Welcome family and friends of the deceased

Hand out programs and make tissues available


Grief Support


Grief is a journey you do not have to take alone. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you are invited to a peer ministry on grief, hosted by St Catherine of Siena in Martinez. Meetings take place online on Zoom every Tuesday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please call Deacon Dave Holland at 925-413-9240

Zoom Join link

Meeting ID: 839 7867 6350