Young Ladies' Institute

Catholic ladies of all ages are invited to join other Catholic women in Young Ladies' Institute Livermore #44

... to deepen spiritual awareness, form enriching friendships, foster seminarian education, provide charitable support, and develop personal talents in the service of our parish and community.


Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 11:30 am in the Convent. Refreshments served.

For more information, please contact Jennifer 831.325.1685


YLI LogoAbout the Young Ladies' Institute

The Young Ladies’ Institute was founded in San Francisco on September 5, 1887 by three friends inspired to help an ill friend. Institutes are located in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

YLI was founded on the Christian principles of charity and love. The emblem of our Order, “The cross within the laurel wreath” signifies our belief that only in this symbol of man’s redemption can we expect the crowning victory of immortality.

Our Meeting Procedures reflect the spirituality that was the concern of our organizers, “The golden links to the Christian virtues faith, hope and charity.” The principles of unity, sisterly love and protection are the diamonds that give brilliance to our Order for they embody our love and concern for each other.

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Left to right: Corrine Delapena, Virginia Brown, Jennifer Piazza, Martha Zeyen, Peg Frydendal, Shirley Garcia