Step 1 

Call the church office at 925-447-1585 to set up an appointment to meet with a priest. 


Step 2  

Download, print and read all documents below (see Documents to Download) to familiarize yourself with all policies/guidelines regarding weddings at St. Michael. This will address and clear up many of your initial questions.  


Step 3 

Bring your Wedding Intake Form, Sacramental Certificates, Freedom to Marry Letter/s (if not St. Michael parishioners), Dispensation or Annulments (if applicable) to the appointment.  

This meeting will be an opportunity for the priest or deacon to get to know you, to help you understand Catholic marriage and to determine if you are free to marry.  The bride and the groom need to attend this meeting. 

We cannot set a date for your wedding until you have both met with one of our priests or deacons. Please have three possible wedding dates that are at least six months to one year from today’s date ready at the time of your appointment. 

Weddings are scheduled on Fridays at 4:00 pm and on Saturdays at 11:30 am, and 2:00 pm. Once you have met with one of our priests and he has determined that you are free to marry, you may pay the non-refundable deposit of 30% of the church fee and secure a wedding date.


Step 4

The Parish Wedding Coordinator will reach out to you and set up an appointment to cover your wedding liturgy and go over paperwork/fees, deadlines, and address all your questions and concerns. The Director of Liturgy and Music will reach out afterwards to set up music, go over worship aids, and finalize musicians.  


45 Days prior to Wedding  

All paperwork, fees, and liturgy must be turned in/finalized. 


Week of Wedding  

Catholic brides and grooms must go to Confession week of their wedding so to approach the Sacrament of Matrimony assured of their state of grace. 

Wedding Rehearsal  

Wedding Day!