Planning Your Wedding

Tip:  Complete steps 1-3 before securing your reception venue!

Step One

Become familiar with how the Catholic Church views marriage, and what a Catholic wedding is like.  Visit ForYourMarriage and read through it together.  

Step Two

Download the Wedding Information Packet in English or the Wedding Infomation Packet in Spanish complete it and bring it to the church office.

Step Three

One of our Office Admins will assist you in making an appointment with one of our priests or deacons.  

We cannot secure a date for your wedding until both of you have met with a priest or deacon.

Step Four

Once you have met with one of our priests or deacons, and he as determined that you are free to marry, you may pay a deposit of $100 and secure a wedding date.

Please have in mind three possible wedding dates that are at least six months in the future. 

Step Five

The Parish Wedding Coordinator will be your point-of-contact and will help guide you through all the steps in the process of planning your Catholic wedding at St Michael's. She will set up a meeting with you and our Liturgy/Music Planner to plan all the details of your wedding, approximately four to six months before your wedding date.

Prior to this meeting, please do not hire any outside vendors such as musicians, florists, photographers or videographers.

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