The Wedding Process

Complete the Wedding Intake Form

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Oops, Don't Set a Date Yet!

We cannot set your wedding date until after you have met with the priest.  When our wedding coordinator receives your intake form, she will contact you to help you set up an appointment.


Our Wedding Coordinator Will Contact You

Your wedding coordinator will give you a handy checklist to keep you on track with the wedding process. She will give you a list of the documents you will need to gather before your appointment with a priest. As soon as you return the completed forms to her, she will book your appointment with a priest.

Wedding Forms


At Your Appointment

One of our priests will meet with you to determine if you are free to marry in the Catholic Church. He will talk with you both and get to know you. Please bring all your paperwork with you to this meeting.



Pay the Deposit and Book the Date

After the meeting, you will pay your deposit and set your date. See the wedding fees.



Our Liturgy and Music Coordinator Will Contact You

She will go over all the details of your wedding, such as the Scripture readings, your vows, the music and more.

Scripture Readings   Photography and Videography       Wedding Decor         Church Etiquette



Signup For Marriage Prep and Natural Family Planning

Witness to Love Program at St Michael

Witness to Love is led by Lisa and David Hipple, who are passionate about helping couples prepare for their Wedding Sacrament. 

Classes in the Oakland Diocese

The Oakland Diocese offers several options that are more flexible to your schedule. 

Natural Family Planning

This is an online course consisting of one video, a set of questions for each of you, and an online “debrief” session with an expert in Fertility Awareness Methods. The cost is $30, to be paid online when you start the course. For more information, please contact Ellen Holloway 


Witness Appointment

A witness is someone who has known you for a long time: a family member or a long-time friend. The bride needs to choose a witness and the groom needs to choose a witness. The witnesses will need to meet with a priest.




You and your bridal party will attend a rehearsal