Sacred Stories

Stories of how God is working in the lives of people at St Michael

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Homily at Scott Simontis’ Funeral Mass
April 13, 2023

By Deacon Eric Simontis Kathy and I, and indeed our families, went through a really trying time a couple of years ago. My Father...Read more

Being Led Out of the Darkness

Sandra Rendon’s Sacred Story
March 14, 2023

Sandra Rendon found herself in a state of darkness and depression.

She couldn’t imagine how her life would ever get better. Then...Read more

Siendo Guiada Para Salir de La Oscuridad

La historia sagrada de Sandra Rendón
March 14, 2023

Sandra Rendón se encontraba en un estado de oscuridad y depresión.

No podía imaginarse cómo haría para que su vida mejorara en...Read more

When the Holy Spirit Leads You Back with a Fire!

Sandra Luna’s Sacred Story
March 7, 2023

Sandra grew up isolated from Catholicism. When her children enrolled in Faith Formation classes, she felt the Holy Spirit lead her back to...Read more

¡Cuando el Espíritu Santo te Conduce de Regreso a Jesús con Ardor!

La historia sagrada de Sandra Luna
March 7, 2023

Sandra creció aislada del catolicismo. Cuando sus hijos se inscribieron en las clases de Formación en la fe, sintió que el Espíritu Santo...Read more

Triumphing Over Crippling Anxiety

Nicole Jarin’s Sacred Story
March 1, 2023

Nicole suffered a health crisis that left her isolated and unable to function for several months.

She tried all the conventional coping...Read more

Triunfando Sobre Una Ansiedad Incapacitante

La historia sagrada de Nicole Jarin
March 1, 2023

Nicole sufrió una crisis de salud que la dejó aislada e incapaz de funcionar normalmente durante varios meses;

y todo este tiempo...Read more

The Fragrance of God's Love

Doraly Suastegui’s Sacred Story
February 15, 2023

Doraly was away from God, and she knew He was the missing piece in her life. She wanted more for herself and for...Read more

La Fragancia del Amor de Dios

La historia sagrada de Doraly Suastegui
February 15, 2023

Doraly estuvo alejada de Dios, sin embargo, ella sabía que era Él lo que le que faltaba en su vida. Puesto que ella...Read more

Black Belt Now Fights for Her Faith

Stephanie Frausto’s Sacred Story
February 6, 2023

Stephanie was a competitive cage fighter, caught in a world where her body was like a product to be sold. After losing several...Read more

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