Fr Carl on the Holy Mass - Part 5

December 27, 2018 - 8:00am
Weekly Message
The Concluding Rite

St Michael Family,

We continue with our catechesis on the Mass with the Concluding Rite:

The brief Concluding Rite sends the people forth to put into effect in their daily lives the Mystery of Christ’s Death and Resurrection and the unity in Christ which they have celebrated. It is the mission of all Christians to witness to Christ in the world and to bring the Gospel to the poor.

SIT for brief and important parish announcements. 

STAND for the concluding blessing, prayers and dismissal.

Make the Sign of the Cross at the final blessing, as the priest invokes the Trinity.

At St Michael’s, it is our parish tradition to pray the St Michael Prayer at the end of Mass.

Remain STANDING until all ministers have processed out. 

If there is a hymn for the recessional, REMAIN STANDING in your pew until it concludes.

If there is no concluding hymn, REMAIN STANDING until all the ministers have processed out of the of the church.

After the Mass is concluded, you may kneel for a private prayer of thanksgiving.

As you leave your pew, GENUFLECT reverently toward the Blessed Sacrament.

PLEASE REMAIN IN SILENCE as you exit the church, saving conversations for outside.  This will remind us that Jesus is still present in the tabernacle.


What should be our attitude and proper disposition when participating at the Holy Mass?

We should give our full, conscious and active participation for the celebration of Mass is an act of the whole assembly gathered for worship. In the Mass, the Church is joined to the action of Christ. We are joined to this divine action through Baptism, which incorporates us into the risen Christ. This action lies at the center of the whole of Christian life.

To the extent that we are able to participate in this way, the work of redemption becomes personally effective for each of us. By such participation we make the actions and prayers of the Liturgy our own; we enter more fully into our personal communion with Christ’s redeeming act and perfect worship.


Do I come to Holy Mass to be entertained or to worship God?

We come to Mass to participate with others in the holiest event here on earth.  It is not a concert, performing art, nor a party! Yes, we celebrate, but in rightly-ordered worship: that of God’s people praying, worshiping, praising and giving thanks to God.  It is a holy event where heaven meets the earth… where God meets and encounters His People.

The participation of each person in the Liturgy is important.  Each person needs to do his or her part.  We use the appropriate postures and gestures.  We sing the hymns.  We audibly pray our responses.  When we are at Mass, we join a dance or dialogue with the Living God!  We are not an audience at a performance, sitting along for the ride.

I urge you to pick up a Missalette in your pew. The prayers and responses are there. Our new Glory & Praise hymnals have all of our worship music.  Let me hear your voices!

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for walking through the Holy Mass with me these past weeks. It is my prayer that we continue to exercise the Liturgy faithfully and prayerfully for God’s glory.

May God bless you and your families in this new year!


Fr Carl




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